Solar Panel Installation Services in New Milford, CT, and Beyond

Solar panels are a sleek way to save money through energy efficiency as you lower your home or business’s carbon footprint. If you have considered making this environmentally friendly improvement, call Connecticut Solar Power for expert solar panel install services in and around New Milford, CT.

Connecticut Solar Power — A Local Expert

One of the few businesses in Connecticut with solar electrical licenses, Connecticut Solar Power has been helping Connecticut homeowners and business owners make these environmentally friendly improvements and save on their energy costs since 1986. We’re still locally owned and operated, and still dedicated to making it easy for you to save energy with solar.

We started with a background in construction, which uniquely positioned us to install solar panels reliably on every home or business center for maximum energy efficiency and structural integrity.

In addition, we also offer repair services, so any repairs you end up needing will be taken care of by an in-house technician who understands your solar panel system as well as the technician who installed the system.

We combine solar and construction expertise with the natural ability to feel good about your investment — an investment in the environment and in your own community.

Solar Panel Installation — An Investment in a Better Future

Solar energy is an extremely sustainable, environmentally friendly energy source. We can install panels on the most advantageous parts of the roof of your home or business. These panels collect the sun’s rays — visible and invisible — and turn them into electricity you can use in your home exactly like energy from the main power grid.

To get a free estimate on solar panel installation for your home or business, call the experts at Connecticut Solar Power. Reach out and request an estimate online or call us at (860) 350-2232.