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Cut Your Utility Bills With Our Solar Power Systems

Reduce your energy consumption with the environmentally friendly alternatives offered by Connecticut Solar Power. We are a top-rated solar contractor that offers installation and repair services for photovoltaic systems of property owners in Western Connecticut.

Solar Energy Technicians You Can Trust

While our firm has been in business for more than 16 years, we have more than three decades of specialized contracting experience. We are considered to be experts in the field of renewable energy technology.

With our skills and knowledge in the industry, we are your best choice for reliable and prompt solar panel installation and repair services.

Our Background in Installing Solar Panels

Our staff discovered the untapped power of solar energy firsthand back when we focused on roofing solutions. We felt the need to expand our services into photovoltaic panel installation.

Establishing Our Name in the Industry

After decades of helping thousands of clients get the benefits of solar power, we became one of the most dependable and respected contractors in the state. By using the most innovative solutions, we let people enjoy the brilliance of renewable energy.

Advantages of Photovoltaic Systems

Utilizing solar energy devices can allow you to experience several benefits. They can offer much more than helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

An Affordable Source of Energy

The price of solar power systems has fallen steadily over the years, making them more affordable today than it has ever been. The reduction in the prices of these devices also make them more accessible to those interested in getting these panels.

The average customer in the country pays around $3.00 per watt of their solar energy system , with state rebates and the federal tax credit , the cost savings can be quite significant.

Inexhaustible Power for Your Property

Solar energy is a renewable resource and as long as you have enough photovoltaic panels to collect the power you need, you will never run out of it. Even on cloudy or rainy days, you will have enough energy stored to keep your electricity running.

With the addition of net metering in many states, you do not have to worry about your resources. You will have more peace of mind during the times you have to access additional energy outside of the local grid through this billing mechanism.

No Loud Noises

The working parts of a solar energy system are made up of several components. These include:

  • An inverter to convert power
  • Solar batteries to store energy
  • A meter to keep track of usage
  • A disconnect device for emergencies
  • Actual solar panels

Each piece of equipment works quietly and is silent. You will not hear hums and vibrations that are usually brought about by standard electrical devices.

Increases Property Value

A study has shown that photovoltaic panels add value to a property by almost $17,000 on average. Homes with solar panels also sell for up to 3.73% compared to buildings without solar panels.

This shows that you do not only save money on your energy bills. You can also increase your property sale value when you have solar energy systems.

Lessens Your Dependence on Municipal Power

Energy companies run by municipalities are usually controlled by major firms who are focused on increasing their profits than helping you have low-energy bills. You can decrease your reliance on them by installing a solar energy system on your property.

With a little more investment, you can even completely cut ties with your local utility company. You can do this by installing larger generators alongside your photovoltaic system kits.

Does Not Cause Pollution

Renewable energy has had a meteoric rise in popularity. One of the reasons why is the information revealed over the years on fossil fuels and their environmental impact.

By installing solar panels, you can be more confident in knowing that you are helping to reduce the use of fossil fuels in your area. Going green with our assistance can definitely give you a sense of righteousness.

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